"And you may think it doesn’t compare to what you did but tbh you apologizing means the world."

The we talked a little longer about what is new and then he said he was tired…

"Awh you suck ;) And passin the fuck out lmfao ;p"
“Lol no clichés suck ;)
And that’s fine I’m heading to bed now… Attempting to head to bed now anyways good night Noah! “
“Goodnight steph im glad I got that off my chest and im so happy I met you”

I cried myself to sleep. For four years we have had that never ending cycle and I really did love him. I still do, but just as a person now. He really is a great person and I miss him. But for him to apologize and own up to what he did is amazing and makes me respect him more
I love this kid and will be there for him through hell and high water always. He knows everything about me and everything I’ve been through. I’m so happy right now that we can still be friends.

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